The UEF (short for United Earth Federation) is one of the major factions in the world of Black Earth.

UEF Logo

UEF Flag. It symbolises the eight planets of the solar system with the Sun in the middle.


UEF Infantry Squad lead by a UEF Lieutenant. An Armadillo Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) lies at the background.

UEF game Faction

The UEF is one of the 3 original playable factions in Black Earth. The miniature range includes the UEF Infantry squad, UEF Lieutenant, Armadillo IFV, Wolverine HWP, Hulk Battlesuit, UEF Rangers and UEF Special Forces Team.

Unit Attachments

The Unit Attachments that have been announced for the UEF include the UEF Lieutenant (pictured on the right with the red beret), the Heavy Trooper, UEF Grenadiers, the Ranger Bomber, Ranger Captain, the UEF Medic and the Combat Engineer.

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